web designer + developer


A byproduct of a fine arts education and real-world work experience, I began learning to code as a creative challenge. Web development soon became a quick and natural fit. I have a passion for making web applications not only functional, but also beautiful. Technology is an integral part of our everyday lives, we should enjoy how we experience it.

rachel mahan, web designer and developer


Once claiming not to be "a computer person", life has unfolded a bit different. I am a web developer, favoring front-end and design work. Learning these technical skills has allowed be to be creative on an entirely new platform. this is what I have been up to lately.

purravida, connecting cat loving travelers


I began photographing in college. What began as an elective turned into a major, of which i am most grateful. having a creative education shaped my worldview. I began by studying with traditional photography & later transitioned into the digtal realm. Take a look at some of my pieces.

black and white original photograph, by rachel mahan